In my work, I am committed to shaping surreal texts into visceral, immediate and metaphysical artworks, emboldening female characters and asking challenging questions. I reinvestigate classical texts as explorations of female interiority and experience, refocusing them on one of their over-simplified, if not overlooked, female characters. For instance, I centered Strindberg’s A Dream Play on the subjective experience of Agnes as she struggles with the demands of motherhood, which is often relegated to being a side plot. Similarly, when directing As You Like It, I made the Forest of Arden Rosalind’s imaginative retreat from an unbearable reality, once again making the stage a female headspace to explore desire, loss and despair. Currently, I am developing Measure for Measure, told from the perspective of Isabella, who is the last vestige of purity in a world that has been overtaken by corruption and darkness. I am interested in reimagining classical work to show the full spectrum of female experience as human experience. I seek to dive into the psychology and motivations of women who, throughout history, have been held in the position of object rather than subject: women who walk through the world with busy, working minds.

When exploring new work my approach is different. I seek worlds that are surreal and bigger than our own, opting for the trash mermaid ocean-scape or the endless tunnel of light over the living room with a couch. I seek to make stage poetry - pieces that are transcendent, metaphysical, probing and questioning rather than strictly plot-driven. I find my greatest inspiration in the work of Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti. When working with other writers, I seek to inspire the them with dramatic and dramaturgical insight, historical and literary connections, and honest feedback. It is critical to me to be an open resource and collaborator, an honest transmitter and contributor to the writer’s work as it moves from page to stage or screen so that, together, we can make the most honest ode to the human experience. As current poet laureate Tracy K. Smith writes: “poetry tells us that the world is full of wonder, revelation, consolation and meaning.” I hope that my work will do the same.

As You Like It, 2018